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“Pink Potion” Lash Adhesive

“Pink Potion” Lash Adhesive

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Our “Pink Potion” Lash adhesive is a 1 second pink bond. This adhesive is great for beginners & experienced lash artist. This glue contains little to no fumes, great for sensitive eyes.


•Shelf life: 6 months unopened, 2 months opened

•Optimal humidity for use: 47%-85%

•Optimal temperature for use:68-83 F

•Optimal storage temperature: 41-70 degrees F

•Dry time: 1 second

•Retention: Up to 8 weeks

•Color: Pink

•Size: 5mL

•Professional use only

•Glue nozzle sealed, use nozzle pin to open.

•Waterproof & Oil-Proof


How to use: Pierce top, shake well prior to use. Once opened, store in a cool dry environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This glue dries quick and works perfect with my lashing speed, from pick up, isolation, dipping and placing! Love that it doesn’t have carbon black and my girly woke up with no red eyes! Also love the temp and humidity ranges! Get it!

Hey Jonay, I’m so glad you’re loving our “Pink Potion” Lash adhesive. Great work!!!!

diamond g
Pink Lash Adhesive

hey boo! your pink lash adhesive is like BUTTAAAA bby, i’ve never used such a smooth, not a harsh chemical smelling glue, they are definitely hard to come across! only thing i will say is the glue dries up white and flaky if you aren’t careful and moving quick enough!

Hey Diamond, I am so happy you’re loving our “Pink Potion” Lash Adhesive. It seems as the glue is being “crystallized” meaning the glue has touched another liquid substance. (Tears, wet eyes, etc.) Make sure the eye is complaining dry before placing the extension on the eyes. I hope this helps so the glue can dry normal on the eyes!

Amazing Glue

Best glue 🤩 drys fast for no stickies